I saw these two girls fight at a really big party one night.
Both of these girls were rip snorting drunk,
most of the people there were.
There were about 250 or 300 people going in and out
of five or six houses on this block, speakers
and kegs of beer were in people's front yards.
One of these girls got up off of a couch and
grabbed a purse and started to leave with it.
The other girl said, "That's my purse, bitch."

She pushed the girl with the purse outside
and started swinging.
It was hot out that night, they were both
wearing skimpy little shirts.
Both of their shirts got
ripped off pretty early on.
They fought on, however, titties flappin,
each girl swinging, scratching and kicking.
You couldn't tell who was who after a while,
they were fighting and zipping around
really fast like a cartoon fight.
Two hundred people crowded around
and watched yelling and screaming.

After a while of this,
with one of the girls totally vanquished,
on hands and knees sputtering in the street,
not crying,
but kind of moaning and bleeding,
the victor walked away with the purse.
It belonged to the other girl,
but she had one exactly like it.
She had grabbed the wrong one.
Her boyfriend or whatever came up and said,
"This is your purse right here, Babe."
She grabbed it too and walked away into the crowd saying,
"Get the fuck out of the way. Get the fuck out of the way."
She hugged the two purses into herself like footballs.