yippee, a gushing vortex is bearing down on me

I once sat in a hurricane on top of a high rise bridge in my car on the metal part of the bridge that opens up to allow ships to go through - just sitting there, because the sign on the bridge was jammed - it was flashing "Bridge Out. Bridge Out." I was blocked in. The drivers of the two cars in front of me were too petrified to continue driving across the bridge, which was clearly not out - you could see it - there it was - it was 'in,' in fact. The bridge straddled that river soundly in all its glory and 'in-ness,' doing its job, offering a route from one river bank to the other, though it sent mixed signals to its beloved users. The wind was so strong, coming up off the river, that my car was sliding a bit across the roadway toward the railing. I could feel the car become weightless and lift slightly and slide to the edge. On top of that, I was stoned as a mare flicker. "I don't want to die here," I remember thinking, "I don't want to be pitched over the side of this bridge into the swirling mess below."

Another time when I was much younger, there was a hurricane and everybody in the house cowered away from every window because we heard a massive piece of sheet metal blasting around in the wind outside. It was making its own thunderous sound, flexing and bending - gliding around like a piece of paper out there. You could hear it smash into chain link fences and cars. It was probably part of one of those aluminum sheds. It was too dark to see, but all night you could hear it thrashing around out there. There was a construction site across the street, and we didn't know what the hell it was. We were terrified it would come slashing through the fuckin' window and decapitate somebody. A fifty foot razor blade fixin' to cut you off like a pubic hair.

Stay safe folks! Keep your cool, and stay safe! Get off that computer. Stay away from the windows. And put some clothes on, for Christ's sake!!!!!

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