Nobody reads signs made of metal, concrete or wood, or signs bolted to walls or cemented in the ground. The world changes too fast. We always look for the piece of paper or cardboard scotch taped to the wall or on the door, or taped over the existing, permanently fixed sign. We look for the handwritten messages, not what is painted, engraved or pressed. Sometimes people endeavor to make a sign by writing a message on paper, and then they really tape the shit out of it, you know? They will use a whole roll of tape on the fucker – strips and strips of it, practically laminating the message. The tape will get dirt and bugs all over the curled edges of it. The paper will get yellow like piss under the tape, but these people really want their message to stay up there, and they're too pathetic to get a sign made of metal, concrete or wood – or even plastic. I like sticky notes, post-it notes. I know they can fall off easily, but my messages are never very permanent, except the ones I throw in the trash at work. The cleaning crew just dumps my can out into a bigger can, but leaves the same plastic bag in the can. It saves money. Every sticky note I ever throw away sticks to that plastic liner and stays in my trash can for weeks. These are the most permanent messages of mine in existence – the ones in my trash can at work. "Call Jim." "Change 2nd sentence on Bay cover letter." "Insert rates." "Help desk ext. 4978." I called Jim over a month ago. The help desk guy at 4978 never picks up his phone.