You know what is almost as bad as a nightmare? Waking up and having a bunch of creepy thoughts and being unable to go back to sleep. So here I am. On the Internet at 3:05 on a work night.

I thought I heard a big thud earlier though. I killed all the lights and looked out all the windows of my crappy basement apartment. Who knows? All the killers from an escaped death row could be sneaking around out there it's so dark. People in my neighborhood have had their doors kicked in by dumb asses lately. If they did that shit and came in here, they'd fracture their skulls on the low ceilings in here, the low doorways, the pipes hanging below the ceiling . . . trip over my bike or something . . . step on my cat, and that bitch can squeal! If I heard some shit like that, I'd be on that intruder's ass so hard with a claw hammer and my cel phone dialing 911. I definitely have the ‘home advantage' knowing my way around in this dark, cramped basement.

I could create a whole blog around living in a basement. Bobby's Basement Blog. Living in a basement could reflect my actual status in life or something, a metaphor for my failures and obscurity and personal weirdness. It'd be interesting for a couple of days.

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