When I die, I'll be the kind of ghost who occasionally goes back into the past and drops in on my own self when my own corporeal body is still kicking it. During tough times, when my body and me are still alive and together, I'll make a mental note for my ghost to come back and help myself out, to be there in spirit, maybe write a little advice in a steamed up bathroom mirror or something - double team my problems. I'll also come visit you. As a matter of fact, I'm there with you right now - my ghost is, I mean. You're looking well. I have to say, however, that the thing you just did a few minutes ago was pretty gross, but that's okay. Yep, you're getting twice the Bobby. I'll help you too, really. Like if you ever get lost, I'll rustle up the leaves in a straight line in the direction that you should go.

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