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Questions like smoke around far off flood lights visible
through the forest from the highway or sky
but I must keep my own path in mind
thankful for the gift of a blanket
for warmth and for wear on a mushroom cloudy day
here’s to tomorrow's long walk and a song to keep one sane
I'll waterproof the photos in case of rain
I'll memorize certain aspects of my route
the asphalt slopes up here and falls away there
I'll see my own repeat footprints on the dirt path

in the town I left, I did occupy a seat on the bus
and one on the subway and a desk at work
and an ambulance would be called for me at least once

beside my path I see discarded items: broken eye glasses,
a lug nut, a woman's shoe, a withered glove curled up
a dramatic hand, and a toy car - broken
out of proportion to the road
also: pages from someone's torn up notebook
I never read a single word off of any of the pages
I just looked at the shape of the paragraphs
the portions of thought
I could relate

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