I am a temp who has finally found a permanent job - temporarily. I knew that while this person was standing in my cubicle talking to me, if I were to suddenly stand up, he would step aside or step out of my cubicle or maybe feel startled or just feel as though I had to go somewhere, and that he was in the way or holding me up . . . yet I still stood up - quickly - but then I kind of slouched and leaned back and looked very relaxed, yet attentive - interested - so he resumed what he was saying - resumed the pace of it.

I just have to be on my feet sometimes.

Then, at lunch, people on the wait staff had words written on their hands -
Different words:
‘Blank,' ‘out back,' 'running,' ‘revised.' I knew what they were up to.
You have to have been in the business to know what they were up to.

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