From the bridge
the river bank below
visible from my seat in the back
when I was first able to see up and out

in that setting flowed many future memories
I would remember only by instinct
that shore
sighted from that bridge

a bluff there haunted with thoughts
something there for me
though I'd never been
a walk, a job, a course of study

I still glimpse the place
arriving by boat
or dirt road
or motionless thought

maybe it’s a wildlife refuge now
my vision captured the slowest
dynamic of the scene
geology slow

years when young weigh more
than those when old
warm was hot
cool was cold

poachers would only pass before or around
not through
nor during that vision
my dad humming at the wheel

a fisherman on shore
hooked our bumper
up on the bridge
and the line screamed off his reel

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Contagious said...

The last 4 lines gave me chills - really. I'm jealous - I wish I wrote this...."and the line screamed off his reel" Nice Bobby!