The man at Tinfoil Viking Science has a post that is so cool, I thought I’d copy his idea and write about a dialogue between my dad and me here on my blog. I can’t remember exactly what my dad and I were saying, though, so I’ll just summarize.

My dad and I were sitting on his porch drinking beers and somebody broke down right in front of the house. My brother-in-law was there, and he’s good with cars, so he was back and forth, in and out of the house, helping the guy. He was bringing out tools and trying to figure out what was wrong with the guy’s car. My sister brought out the cordless phone so the guy could call somebody.

My dad and I were just sitting there drinking our beers. Neither of us were any good at fixing cars. I told my dad that I would go out there and try to help, but I’d probably just end up standing there scratching my nuts.

While we sat there, I told my dad about a time that I actually did help a person with car trouble, and how I felt like a real hero. I was walking out of the building where I worked at the time, and this lady was sitting in her Jeep Cherokee with the door open. She couldn’t get it started. She would turn the key, and nothing. I told her to pop the hood. Her battery cable was very loose. I could turn it with my fingers. So I leaned in and put all my weight on the cable and pressed it down really hard on the battery, twisting like hell until I got it on there as tight as I possibly could. She hit the ignition and it started right up. She was so grateful. I told her to drive it straight to a gas station or whatever and get somebody to tighten it with a wrench. For all I know, she broke down somewhere along the way and got eaten by wolves. The smart move for her would have been to call tow truck or something.

. . . anyway, yeah, . .. what was I talkin about . ?

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