Sometimes I believe I have a memory of my own birth. It is a flash of setting that occurs to me occasionally and has been with me for as long as I can remember. This vision has just always been there. I don’t know how I came to recognize this vision as the setting of my own birth, but in the vision, I am in a hospital room with lots of equipment around. As I view the room, I am looking up at everything, as though from a bed. This vision is so old I am not sure whether it is a memory or a dream. I have a lot of memories like that - that might actually have been dreams. I have dreams that might have been memories. (Memories I remembered during dreams? Dreams of memories? Infinity?) They all fade into a past consciousness, some of it solid, some of it soft. I have dreams when just barely asleep - shallow splashes of sleep will not wash over them. I have had realities that I could not escape by going to sleep.

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