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DAMN! The drug dealers in my neighborhood are listening to the 911 and 311 dispatchers with police scanners. Sometimes the dispatchers give out identifying info regarding callers to the cops over the radio - so the dealers overhear it and know who is calling the on them. Scarey. Below are some posts to my neighborhood's LISTSERV that were shooting around:

Anything that is not on the tactical channel can be listened to with a digital scanner or on the internet by dsl quite easily. If you have the frequency for the tactical channel you can listen to the tact channel. If you do not want to be identified when calling 311/911 do not provide your name and the only information that 311 will be able to provide is you call back number which appears on their screens. If you do not want your number to be connected to you use a prepaid cell phone and do not purchase the phone or minutes with a credit card. The only way not to alert someone in an area that that mpd has been contacted to respond to an issue is to call an official on their cell phone. If you want to call 911 anonymously use an analog and not a digital cell phone(due to enhanced 911 tracking) that no longer has service that was not under your prior contract. All cell phones under fed law whether having service or not must be able to call 911. Many neighbors notice that when a 311 call is placed the individuals who are the subject of the call move out of the area quickly since they are monitoring 311/911.

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So, when residents call 311 and ask to speak with an officer following an incident, is their information dispatched on the officers' radios (which can be heard by someone with a scanner) OR is that information provided seperately on the officers' cell phones?
When I call 311 or 911 for something critical, I often ask to speak with an officer following the incident to provide any information that might be important in an arrest. It is only under these circumstances that I provide my name, address, and phone number. I think residents need to know how this information is transmitted to the police for their own personal safety.


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I just got off the phone with yet another resident of the 600 block of Emerson Street NW. He told me how the drug crowd there worked very aggressively, especially once the "boys" darkened street lights, getting a convenient night-time cover.

Question for the District government: Given the situation, why'd it take so long to fix those lights? Residents said the lights were out for weeks. Meanwhile, homeowners got to ! enjoy having the drug crew set off fireworks in front yards, driving by at a slow crawl, coldly staring into eyes of any neighbors they suspected of calling the Metropolitan Police (311,911), leaving messages formed with pebbles on residents' windshields.

The resident who called witnessed the drug-selling crowd listening to their own digital, police-radio scanners, allowing them to hear MPD calls, ensuring that the drug "boys" can be on the run or have their guns and drugs neatly tucked away out of sight and reach when MPD rolls around.

What are they hearing on those scanners? Can anyone tell me?

I think I heard there is a device that can jam scanners.

I wonder if there's any Homeland Security money kicking around that would allow residents to jam the dealers' scanners.

Techies of Ward 4 and anyone in the Metropolitan Police Department, any thoughts?


I HAVE THE DECAPITATED HEAD OF A SPIDERMAN ACTION FIGURE IN MY POCKET. I didn’t bite it off, I found it on the sidewalk. I find toys sometimes, but often I find pieces of toys. The toys get dropped out of windows of moving cars by kids. Then they get run over and pulverized by hundreds of vehicles . . . squeezed, crushed, dismembered and scattered around roads and parking lots. I find them and keep them. I have Big Bird’s foot too (I think).


I linked the above from There are whole communities of these old collectors online. I have some old photos I could contribute . . . here are some other sites like this:



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