You could have 20 acres of this for $1,025. Just bid on it at ebay. You could trap small animals and eat them. You could figure out which plants are edible. You could follow insects and small animals to find where they find water. You could build fires at night. You could make a shelter out of whatever small bits of lumber, stone, and brush you could find. You could run around naked! You could start a commune. You could start a writers retreat. You could live in a Tee Pee. You could sit around going insane in a most solitary way. You could grow weed. You could graze llamas. You could weld together insane post-apocalyptic vehicles with V-8 engines and go hauling ass around in circles. You wouldn’t be that far from where the President lives. 80 miles southwest of Midland. Current bid: US $1,025.00. Time left: 10 hours 33 mins.

Or you could just buy this fine school.

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