. . . another way to self publish, is to write your writing on a simple piece of paper. It can be anything, but only write on one side of the page. Fold it up until it’s only a couple inches by a couple inches, and then write the following on the outside, “Password,” or “Account Number,” or both . . . and then just leave it somewhere in public. Somebody is bound to unfold it and read it. They’re thinking, “Wow, somebody’s password and account number! I’m going to access their account or somethin . . . “ Also lately, I’ve been ‘modifying restaurant menus with labels, like Avery Mailing labels, stickers that I make, with little pieces of writing on them. Or, I’ll just take my stickers, and not even peel the backing off of them, and leave them like calling cards in books at book stores or in the sugar packet containers in restaurants. Why do I do this mess? Because I can’t get published in journals . . . And I'm a little kooky in my head.

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