I have so many different practices I want to put into practice lately. I am watching my spending. Establishing credit. Researching home buying. Exercise, jogging or something. Not sticking to an exercise routine at all. Work. Building an appreciable block of experience at a particular job instead of hopping around. Mental health - trying to peace out - trying not to grind up my physical health because of mental gliches. Writing. I started writing in a physical journal using one of those things . . . what's it called . . . a pen. My blog routine is suffering. Any other writing routine is suffering. I swear - I go to work, and afterwards I am so beat, I just boob out in front of the TV. It is tough to get up and do something. The internet is an incredible time sucker. The only routine I'm keeping is the commencement of new routines. And I like having time to do just dumb stuff. Play with cats. Bounce a bouncey ball. Juggle a little tiny soccer ball I have in the bedroom . . . TV TV TV - I was raised on it. I'm thinking that if I have to buy a new TV for the digital TV revolution (is there such a thing coming? Is it all going digital, and so your TV won't work anymore?) - if this does happen - and a new TV is needed, I will forgo that mess for a while and catch up on everything else. I was going to complain about how my Netflix thing slowed way down a month or so into it - at first I'd send them back and they'd acknowledge receipt and send the next day! But now it takes them four days! I was going to complain about that - but NO! I'm glad! More time between movies! I actually miss my DSL down time - I actually rose up out of my Matrix pod and wiped off the slime and did stuff! I HAVE BEEN READING THE SAME BOOK FOR TWO MONTHS! AND IT'S A GOOD BOOK! I AM A SAD SAD CHARACTER.

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