Maybe we have reached perfection
the world, I mean
I don’t care enough to lie
well how do I respond
that I agree
we’re perfect
death is no penalty
I am taxed fairly
I’ll learn to be old while
young from old
I’m high you’re high
in air active with sounds
of conclusions such as
perfect mistakes
air I won’t inhale
readers of poems
write poems
film watchers
only watch but maybe
a character in the film
reminds them of their
favorite person with
the most benevolent face
I ever fear for and
regret the times I said
no I do not believe it
though it could be true
I have decided not
to believe and any
existing suspicion
I will deem insanity
to be quashed
not to be believed
what expression you
make when you are
hearing nonsense
when you conclude
I conclude


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