My nephew saw a guy get shot and killed. My brother-in-law held the guy as he died. I wish I was joking, but no -- about a year or so ago this shit happened. My nephew was nine years old. It was such a shock, I never wrote anything about it then. I’m not always in a reality kind of mood or mode on my blog . . . I mean -- this was like some shit you’d see in a TV show.

My nephew had been playing outside, and he noticed a commotion. Two guys were having a fight. One guy really beat the shit out of the other guy. The guy who got beat up ran in his friend’s house. He knew where his friend’s dad kept a gun, and he went straight to it. He got the gun and ran outside. The details are a little unclear at this point. Apparently the guy tried to say that he was simply holding the gun, and the other guy advanced on him, and he fell back, and the gun went off -- or some shit like that. What is certain is that the gun was in his hand when it went off and fired a fatal shot into the guy who had just beaten his ass.

When the commotion started, my nephew realized he should probably go inside the house. He started to go in, but not quickly enough to avoid seeing that shit. He probably was wondering what was going on, he lingered, he was curious, he took his time going in, looking back over his shoulder . . . Before he got in the house, the shot went off, and my nephew saw the whole terrible thing. After the shot, the guy with the gun ran right by nephew, looked right at him. Everybody knows everybody in that neighborhood, everybody knows everybody's business.

It’s not the worse neighborhood in Portsmouth, Virginia, but it is sketchy -- one of the worse, I guess. I would hear gun shots and sirens when I visited. There were rumors that the cops were watching the block because of various drug dealings and so on. People seem friendly enough most of the time. Things just flare up, you know?

So my nephew saw the whole thing, and then my brother-in-law yanked my nephew inside, and my brother-in-law went out there. He ran over to where the guy was laying, and he screamed for somebody to dial 911. He got down next to the guy, and was trying to tell the guy to hold on, hold on, but the guy just faded. The ambulance got there too late. They tried to work on the guy, but he was gone.

The cops came, and my nephew and brother-in-law were the only ones who would talk to them. There were about ten or twelve people standing around who saw it. They were all very scared. Aparently the guy with the gun was in some kind of half-ass gang. And of course, there was the bullshit whispered and sometimes blurted out about my nephew being a snitch or whatever, and some of the other kids wouldn’t play with him. That all wore off, though, and the guy confessed, so my nephew and bro-in-law didn’t have to go testify . . . but now my nephew is not doing so well . . . I think it has all sunk in, and he’s not doing well . . . not very well at all. . .


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r's musings said...

I'm reading this six months after this posting...This is sooo sad. I hope your nephew is doing better now. What a horrible thing for such a young to witness! --Robin