My nephew says he’s going to join the army. This is the older brother of the nephew I mentioned a few posts back. His mom is an absolute basket case at this point. Let me tell you where I’m at up front: The war in Iraq is absolute bullshit -- a profiteering expedition to make a few goons wealthy. Terrorism is bullshit too, but I think that if dumb ass Bush and Friends would take the time to read their goddamn memos, ratchet down the greed a bit, and pay a little more attention to the “quirky nature” of these strong men leading these countries -- whom at one point they prop up -- and at another point they go to war against . . . [Wait - I’ll save this rant for another time . . . or not . . . the truth is pretty clear to everybody already . . . and there’s nothing new I can say about it.]

So I hit ‘Call’ on my nephew’s phone number, and as I listened to it ring, I thought, “Okay, I can’t force my opinions on him. He’s going to do his own thing. I’ll just try to discuss the positives and negatives of his decision. Repeated, rational discussions with everybody will hopefully nudge him toward a logical choice. I don’t know: I have my argument, and there is a counter argument. When I talked to him, he told me why he wanted to do it, he gave me the obvious rationale: He wants the GI Bill, he wants the signing bonus, he wants the health care, he wants the training because he thinks it’ll help him get a good job afterwards, he’s had friends who went to Iraq and came back without a scratch . . . I said, “Man, if you want a good job, and you want to work with technology and shit, go in the Navy.” They’re the ones with all the gear. They’re the ones that I know of that get jobs. Those recruiters will say anything to get you to sign.

He has other reasons. I think they’re naive, but that is my opinion, and again, there is an opposite opinion. Glory, patriotism, honor, adventure. A little payback for 9/11. These were some other reasons that he started to hint at -- but I kept interupting him, and either his or my cell phone started to lose its signal and get crunchy on us, so we said we’d talk more later, but we haven’t yet, but we will. I want to carefully engage him in this. If I am too overbearing, he’ll ignore me, and any good advice I might have -- he won’t hear it. If I can keep it calm enough, maybe I can get in that one point that really nails it for him, and he says fuck the army. It’s the wrong war at the wrong time. Humans should be done making war by now. Evolve already, fuckers! The violent fuckers will kill each other off. The greedy fuckers will choke out with clogged freakin arteries. Then everybody else will live a pretty good life. They don't need my nephew for their stupid war.


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