A recent local news item: A woman was found dead in a chair in her front yard.

Did she know she was going to die? That was the first question that occurred to me. [Why?] How long was her body there after she died? Was it a calm feeling that came over her that afternoon while she worked in her kitchen - she knew she was going to die, and that was just fine. She felt a feeling she’d never felt before - she somehow knew she’d die, and she calmly carried a chair outside and sat in it and then just died? Here I am, come pick me up, I’m dead, take me away. I had a fine life, beautiful children, and now it’s my time. Maybe some people drove by her. Maybe they knew she was dead. Her neighbors and friends drove by and waved at her one last time, beeped their horns. Is this a bad way to die?

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r's musings said...

Interesting ruminations, Bobby. I've wondered the same.