This morning I walked outside, and there was smoke in the air. A brush fire had started earlier in the week over by Disney, and I guess it was never fully extinguished. Yesterday, in the evening, it was raging pretty good. The smoke smells like rubber burning - did the fire overtake a tire dealership, I wonder. Florida has a lot of brush fires that they can't put out. They try to contain them.

Is Florida more dangerous than DC? In DC you really only had to worry about crime and traffic. Terrorism too, I guess. If you are aware of your surroundings, and you take it easy on the road, you will do just fine in DC. Florida, however, has a different, amazing tragedy on the news every night. Yesterday a kid almost got tackled off of his horse by a panther. Two weeks ago a lady was hit by lighting while she was carrying her baby across the street. Florida is the state with the most lightning casualties. Florida has a high number of tornados too, but they’re not the killer tornados like the ones out west. There are the hurricanes. The alligators. An alligator clamped down on some guys head this week while he was snorkeling in some lake. Two or three women were killed by alligators this year - an anomaly. There are shark attacks. Florida has six poisonous snakes to worry about. There is an increase in murders in some Florida cities. Orlando, year to date, has already surpassed last year’s year end total for murders. I think they’re calling Jacksonville the new murder capitol. Drownings. Wrecks. A kid was thrown from an airboat and then run over by the boat this week. Florida is the most dangerous state for bicyclists versus automobile accidents. I’m doomed.

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