1. Astronauts as high school mascots? They’re not fearsome enough. Astronauts come in peace.

2. At the beach there was a small swarm of dragon flies hovering and darting around us, visiting - not really bothering anybody - looking here, hovering there, circling, zig zagging. Then a gust of wind came, and they were all gone . . . further down the beach, I guess... checking in on other people. I like dragon flies.

3. Even with your back turned on somebody, you can tell they’re looking at you - if they’re talking, that is. You can tell that their head is turned your way by the directness of their sound waves -- it’s like sonar.

4. A box of fresh AMMO in the microwave oven set on high -- no running start, obviously

5. Sometimes: You first hear about a particular school - one of those little old high schools three counties over in the boonies - when a kid from the school drives drunk and wrecks.

6. Space tourism. She laughed. And her veil floated away.


bruce said...


But hey, you know when someone is looking at you and they're not talking too--or I do. Somehow you can feel their eyes on you. It's an animal thing, I think.

And have you ever noticed that yawns are contagious?

r's musings said...

I'm sort of reminded of "Jack Handey's Deep Thoughts" on Saturday Night Live... does that mean that I'm old? lol

My favorites are 2 & 3... I love dragon flies, too -- they don't bite! And, an added benefit of daily meditation -- you become so sensitive to the energy around you that you can actually feel someone standing behind you without physically touching them.

jeannie said...

Time to add another dragon fly to the bathroom wall. Maybe a lady bug too...

Logtar said...

What about the serial killers as a mascot?