Half hour for lunch?!.?! You can’t do much in half an hour - I’ll tell you that. I take my lunch out in my car and listen to this ‘oldies’ radio show called the Nooner on O Rock 105.9. Of course, by oldies, they mean anything that came out before the year 2000. I guess if you’re fifteen, sixteen, whatever, pre-2000 is ancient in terms of music.

In the morning on the way to work I alternate between NPR news and this jazz station, WUCF. On the jazz station, at 7:30, DJ Alan Rock plays the Sinatra 3-Pack - three Frank Sinatra tunes right in a row, right when I am in the most intense moments of my morning commute. Maybe a more appropriate selection for the morning road wars would be Slayer or Agnostic Front or Bad Brains . . . but . . . you know . . . Franky Baby keeps it kind of cool like. Dig?

Work! They have a zero tolerance policy for internet usage at work. And that just plane sucks. That sucks and the seating situation sucks.

When you’re a temp, you have to take whatever seat is free. A worker is sick, or a worker is on vacation - you sit at their desk. It gives you the chance to tamper with all the stuff that they keep at their desk: if they have toys - play with them, if they have candy - eat it, if they have scented lotions - moisturize your entire body. I like to take their stack of sticky notes and flip about two thirds of the way into the stack, and then I write a weird message. They’ll find it in a month or so. Also, you can stare very intensely into their vacation photos and imagine what that shit must have been like.


Bruce Hodder said...

I think the whole idea of having to spend the best years of your life working is ridiculous. It'd be much better to work when you had no energy left to do anything else.But you seem to have found a way to keep work amusing, B.

I have to ride a bus to my work so short of getting an MP3 player the best thing I can do is read or look at the scenery. But it's beautiful around here, so that's kind of civilising.

Bobby said...

Yeah, I'm not used to having to drive . . .not being able to look out at the scenery . .. that's some valuable thinking time.

r's musings said...

Love the last paragraph, Bobby! Pranks at work are fun!

Dave said...

Frankie or Slayer... yeah, I've been there.