If I were to rate myself on a scale from purely ‘urban minded’ to purely ‘rural minded’ - I mean - whether I consider myself a country mouse or a city boy - I’m somewhere in the middle of the scale. 'Somewhere in the middle' is where I inhabit most scales and spectrums. I was a suburban kid... somewhere in the middle. Well the middle is a tough place to be. The middle has been disappearing for a while, right? ...at least the chunks of ice that I find myself floating on seem to be melting. I’ll skip the stats and sociology and so on (and even the structured thought) and I’ll babble this: That with all of the ‘with us or against us’ talk, and the recurrent headlines pointing to the growing rift between rich and poor, and the struggle for moderates... it’s tough to remain in the middle of any spectrum.

In the media and in society there are these character types. People are compelled to dress themselves in the garb of some type... such as: A. The Hipster B. The Country Music fan or whatever... The pull of these character types sucks the identity right out of you. Similar to personal politics - there might be one issue you feel strongly about - you’ll go to whichever side appears to represent your interest in that one issue.

You end up where you end up. I was born in Portsmouth, Virginia because GE opened a new facility there, my dad worked for them. I’ve lived somewhat urban and been lucky to avoid getting shot, stabbed or robbed. I’ve lived rural, and have somehow managed to avoid the ‘Most Dangerous Gamers’ who’d strip you naked and give you a fifteen minute head start before they let the dogs loose.


Cindy-Lou said...

Wow. That's a lot more intense than cow tipping.

Graham Campbell said...

Good for you. I'm urban, but am feeling the disgusting pull of the suburbs recently. I need help.

Oh, and I'm peeking around your blog now. Good stuff

Anne said...

Always (except for my first 5 years and a recent 6 month stint in the city) been a suburban kinda girl. Then again, I've lived in the same state, in the same PART of that state, for almost 36 years now.
...wow...how sad is that??

jeannie said...

Home is where your heart is, whether you're wearing a cowboy hat or a baseball cap. Why not be a little of both? I think most people are a little bit country & a little bit rock n roll - with a little jazz & poetry thrown in for good measure.

Happy New Year!

Billy said...

i could say am city. but i live in the hills 5 minutes by bus from the town

Bobby said...

I wish I could find the perfect place.