I'm sorry I'm not very interactive lately. I'm not going to kill off my blog (NEVER!) but I'm just not as active (not as INTERactive) as I used to be with it. I feel bad because some of my old old bloggin friends get back into it just as I'm entering a slow period - or new people start up, and they're really enthusiastic about it, but I'm just blah. I remember when I first started - I was lucky to be blogging around with a lot of other newbies and we were all blogging are freakin heads off and really really into it . . . but . . .

I am still posting stuff, but I am so selfish - I don't read other people's stuff enough. I had been operating under this rule that I made up, but then I slacked on it, but it is this: Post something and do not post again until I've gone around and read everybody else's latest posts. If you're talking too much and not listening to what others are saying - you start to lose touch - which is probably bad.


Pernicious said...

My motivation waxes and wanes. So you probably do not miss much by not reading the sea. The call out is coming along.. Maybe by after christmas. My ability to meet deadlines blows.

Anonymous said...

i love that you dont use dates. the days just roll by. just roll by.

there's a good open mic in tampa. needs more poets tho. jake's java joint. fridays.

fyi fla boi