Maybe I shouldn’t talk about such dark stuff. Maybe people would be more comfortable around me if I kept things a little lighter. Here’s an example: I recently steered a conversation from the subjects of bouncy balls and silly putty, to the evils of IBM and their involvement in the Holocaust. This conversation went bad fast. The guy I was talking to, some I.T. guy at work, probably has mentally labeled me as a freak for life!

I’m always talking about crime or tragedies or the underside of this or that. You know what else? I don’t regulate my thoughts. I let them go to whatever crazy places they will go to. I don’t manage them at all. And here’s the goofy part - the reason: I’m afraid it will kill my creativity if I try to block out the scary stuff . . . if I block out anything.

I’m such a weirdo. I’d like to have normal interactions now and then. But usually - no. And on that note I’d like to point out the following: There are people who have not even been born yet who will end up yelling at you. If you could somehow see into the future and identify these people, maybe you could burst into the bedroom of their parents right before the person is conceived... and like . . . scream at the people... Hey, cut that shit out!


Anonymous said...

like your own children?

Bobby said...

Exactly! "Hey - ME! Stop doin that!"

Dave said...

Heh. Don't ever stop talking about the dark stuff, man.

The Mighty Kat said...


(yeah, I'm the one laughing at all the dark stuff you're inappropriately bringing up)