"Nah. Wrapping paper, not rolling paper."

When you’re a little lonely, and you’re driving around, dropping in this drug store, that book store (if it’s still open), that grocery store, that gas station... you’re just lonely out there, driving around, dropping in these places, and the people working there are yacking to each other - joking around, gossiping, complaining about their jobs, wishing it was closing time, making plans, etc... when you hear all this going on, and you think you can inject yourself into their world - their conversation - their scene - just because they are there and you have this access to them because of the nature of their work, dealing with the general public... They rebuff my ignorant, arrogant intrusion of course.

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chopready said...

When I really put my mind to it I can persuade them to say "can I help you find exit?"