"No. It's a waste of time not to be on the internet."


I was following links through Wikipedia, and I happened upon the following - entries for people who were born the same year as me (who were famous enough to have wikipedia entries):


I only recognized a few of the names. My generation has yet to score any real fame, I guess. That, or I'm just not very knowledgeable as far as famous figures go.


Florida: It always feels like there's something biting you.
Sometimes when my brother, my mother and my father appear in my dreams, it is like they are returning to the stage to take their bows after the performances they gave while they were still living - like actors do after a play. Sometimes they just do what they did while they were alive. They act how they acted while they were alive. Last night I had a dream with my brother, he visited my room, and he dropped off a cooler filled with ice cream with a package of Oreo cookies on top of it. I said thanks, and he smiled. That’s something he would have done.

My mom appeared in a dream last night too. We were sitting beside a lake. I realized how thick the vegetation around the lake was, and as soon as I said, “We should watch out for alligators,” my mom vanished, and there were bubbles coming up out of the water. There were alligators everywhere. I started screaming for her, running around on the shore of the lake. After some time, somebody swam to the surface pulling her along with him - my dad I think. He dragged her to the shore, and I pulled my mom out of the water. She was fine except for a nasty cut on her leg. "Why did you abandon me?" she asked . . . Did I abandon my mom in real life, I’m wondering now.


My nephew is in boot camp. I remember when we used to shoot rubber bands at each other.


I am still unemployed. One reason for this is that people only mean about 65% of what they say.

Unemployment is expensive.