My ‘Service Engine Soon’ light came on recently. Maybe there’s a light like that blinking inside my skull. (((Service Bobby Soon))) I drove the car to AutoZone, and they plugged into my car (free) and read the code my car computer was throwing: P0174 - System Too Lean. I googled this code. Lots of messages posted to the net about trouble shooting cars - most seem misguided... and because I’m misguided, I read a while. I soon got sidetracked. I don’t care a whole lot because the car still runs, I’ll replace this and that until... finally... whatever... and because I am misguided, I’m considering the possibility of a little more meaning and value in life - that’s what’s important now.

A plan, maybe. If I went back to school, what would it be? Creative Writing? Sociology? World Affairs? Statistics? Microsoft Certification in SQL?

Here’s something: I’m alive. I’ve been thinking about that lately - that simple statement: I am alive. Yeah, I’m going to die some day. Sometimes I’m very sad. But I’m alive right now. I’m out there living my life, and there’s a lot out there for me and everybody else who’s still living. MAN, LISTEN: I got dents in my car from a crazy fucker who, for an instant, wished I was dead! NOW THAT IS A HEIGHTENED STATE OF LIVELINESS! He wanted to smash me into a ditch. He wished I was dead - I saw it when he got out of his truck. He soon became aware that I was about to kick him in the nuts: ALIVE! He soon calmed down and came to his senses, and the cops came, but he wished I was dead for a fraction of a second there... he’s alive, and me too, and he’s probably a soccer dad and all that shit (which is good for him, you know? great)

So... the Mass Air Flow Sensor, I tried that.


puddlejumper said...


I got here via your comment.

Thanks for the good wishes and for stopping by my humble blog.

Being alive is cool!


Pernicious said...

Man your posting skillz are strong!

Billy said...

ya man. we are alive now. is all that matters.

Bobby said...

We're alive!