Do you remember when I let you read my poem, and you didn’t laugh in my face? You can do better than most by simply refusing to advise. Buy and wear only quiet shoes, you said. You were so wise and funny that day. When the man wants to wipe his butt with your paycheck, it’s time to get direct deposit.

* * *

Automate and consolidate - When they invent a time machine, you can go up and down through your lifetime time continuum - recruiting the best possible you’s - a staff of you's. Time travel will make the work of human resource professionals very difficult. Cops too.

* * *

And now you don't call. With a rapidly deteriorating memory, I hold all that you said, and I reexamine it. What did I miss?


Bruce Hodder said...

If I travelled along my own timeline I suspect I would find the same me everywhere I stopped, only with blonder or greyer hair, and more or less crocked physically. Because however old I get and whatever experiences I have, I still end up making the same damn mistakes. It drives me nuts.

verlaine said...

Fuck the Beatles. I hate the Beatles. The Doors too. They are just a drunk half-ass poet fronting a Holiday Inn lounge band.

Bobby said...

Love me do Stacey