I guess those tornados jumped right over us, or they skirted to the north of us here in Eustis: We got some wicked storms here. Like idiots, we tried to sleep through it. I should get one of those storm radios that comes on and wakes you like an alarm clock when there's crazy weather coming. I guess it was a series of tornados, the worst of which hit Paisley, Florida - 17.8 miles away (by road). Paisley is northeast of us, and Lady Lake, Florida is southwest of us. So we're lucky. The system traveled right through here, over us or barely north of us, from the southwest to the northeast. I think that one little finger of a tornado zapped this abandonned old liquor store around the corner - it looks pretty thrashed. Maybe it was straight wind damage.

The following may seem insensitive or hypersensitive, but I'm going to go ahead and say it: FEMA got here yesterday, Saturday. The tornados happened Friday morning - like 4am. As you might have noticed from the above wiki entry about Paisley, the population is 97.41% White. Lady Lake is 95.32% White. This is Brother Bush's old state. Starting to catch my meaning? How long did it take FEMA, or anybody, to get to New Orleans?

Anyway, what's going on now... floods in Indonesia? Our planet is getting mad at us.

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gledwood said...

We got a tornado/whirlwind/whatever people want to call it in BIRMINGHAM... not Alabama but in the English UK midlands it destroyed a couple of streets ...
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