My Latest Guerilla Self Promotion

You know those books in the reference section of the library that have biographies of historically significant Americans? The ‘Who’s Who of American History’ volumes. I grabbed a slip of paper and wrote my own entry and tucked it into the volume where it belongs (alphabetically).

One of the things I said about myself is that I am not famous, I’m jealous.

It was probably the first time the book had been moved in thirty years - when I reached up and grabbed it to insert my bio. They have more than one biographical set of volumes like that. That book probably won’t move for another thirty years. Not until the Friends of the Library Book Sale in the year 2037. Maybe somebody will buy the whole set of volumes, and they’ll leaf through each one maybe. Then they’ll see my bio.


The Mighty Kat said...

that's really funny.

Goo said...

Note to Skullbolt:

I am in love.

Note to the universe:

Please make it last.

chopready said...

You have a genius for harmless pranks. Keep it up.