I’m putting up my stickers again. When I first moved to Florida, I didn't think I would be able to place my stickers effectively. Back in DC, there were plenty of places to slap stickers where masses of people would see them. There are so many people on foot - when you're on foot, you notice a sticker stuck on a newspaper box or stuck to the back of a sign or on the back of a subway seat or on a pay phone. But in Florida, everybody drives (fast). For a more subtle graffiti form like mine, there aren’t as many opportune spots to slap up a sticker - where somebody will actually see it, that is. I thought and thought about it and . . . EUREKA: gas stations. High traffic. Captive audience. I slap them right on the pump or on a trash can. Those fools gotta see them. I’m back in business! And as goofy as all this horseshit sounds - I feel like I am dealing in The Meaning again. (I’ve also been posting these little blue cop men in different places. hee hee hee)

I saw a documentary about graffiti artists recently, and there was this one guy who spray painted his whole life story on the inside of a subway tube - New York I think. He had a workman’s outfit for his disguise - so he looked like he belonged down there. He would spray a huge white rectangle on the wall - a blank page - and then he’d write on that - everything from his whole life - page after page. But nobody saw it . . . except . . . the cops (who eventually caught him). . . and the other workers. I find that incalculably noble. But I gotta get my stuff out there where it can be seen. I just gotta. Not all splashy and high profile like spray painters . . . subtle, but seen.

You should read/watch/listen to this: GRAFFITI RESEARCH LAB


Anne said...

Wooo! Yer back!
And...ya know I think I feel the same way. I gotta get this stuff out there. But I can't draw for shit, and I'm scared of the cops, so I do it the conventional way, and maybe less people see it than would with stickers around town, but I think I am working up to bigger things. I used to think I shouldn't write ANYthing anywhere, now I'm writing there, and I dunno...maybe someday I'll have the balls to put things up where everyone could see.
I have hope.

Rurality said...

Been wondering where you were.

jeannie_emt said...

I like it that you play with little men. Much cooler than GI Joe's.

chopready said...

Your work is important. My life has been changed often, if only very temporarily, by short signs. It's the placement that convinces me it is intentional and if the message is thoughtly, even better.

Pernicious said...

Dude. That is too funny. I am always taking photos of the crazy stickers that are stuck all over Manhattan. It is a great medium.

Anonymous said...

Blue Highways is one of my favorite books. My parents gabe it to me to read when I was in the eighth-grade.

City Chicken

Anonymous said...

Sorry. "Gabe" is a friend of mine. My parents actually "gave" to me the book.

City Chicken