I wish my cubicle had rocket boosters.

Local 6: Weather Is 80 Percent 'Go' For Shuttle Launch Friday Night


Cindy-Lou said...

Would you rocket boost yourself to CA?

The Everglades said...

I love how anything NASA related is always relegated to page 46 in any newspaper. Even scab former Soviet bloc's like Azerbaijan get more coverage than a mission to space. If you told someone from the 1960's that no one would give a crap about the space program in 2007, they would have punched you in the jaw. I'm still interested, though.


Anonymous said...

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Pacian said...

Ion propulsion would probably be more useful in and around the office. But it wouldn't get you into space. Which is probably a good thing. (Is your cubicle air tight?)

Bobby said...

. . . with enough bubble rap perhaps . ..