There’s too much to write about lately – I mean – with the Margaritas and the fireworks and the visits from the Eustis Police Department, so I’ll just tell you about this dream I had: I was at a Self Help Seminar and everything was making sense, but suddenly I found myself expelled from the proceedings – or maybe I graduated – but the next thing I knew, I was doing construction work to the very Convention Center where I had just attended the Self Help Seminar. The Motivational Speaker at the seminar – the guy who had so motivated me during the earlier proceedings – he stepped outside, and the last thing he said to me - before he fired me - was about my handiwork, “You’ll be lucky if that doesn’t cause an earthquake when it falls!”


Rurality said...

The idea of being fired from a self-help seminar is pretty good. :)

Last night I dreamed that there was a war in Canada. Hubby and I were stationed in mid-west Canada, where nothing ever happened, apparently.

Anonymous said...

two days ago my nightmare was something about cliffs and confused idenities, which suddenly landed me in my trailer park. the cop cars were driving, finally, out the entrance but the news announced the prescense of peeping toms. as the last blue and red went around the corner, a green shirted man walked up to my window. you know how thin the walls are in trailers, even double wides. i stood to the side of the window, pointed my finger at the perv and pretended to dial 911,speaking loudly to the fake cops. then his buddy walked up. with a sawed off shotgun. the venetian blinds were open, i could see the shadow and it was pointed right at my son, sleeping across the room. thank god i finally heard the alarm clock.

hey bobby, ain't fla scarey sometimes?


JR's Thumbprints said...

My response to him would be: Hey, you're the one under it, not me. Perhaps, if will not come crashing down like the ton of bricks you threw my way.

chopready said...

Nice to see you listen to "Sugar". I just borrowed a copy of "Besides" from the liebury.