I have a red gym bag full of letters sent to my mom and from my mom – to and from her sisters. There was a major feud in my mom’s family - an everybody against everybody kind of feud – every sister against every sister. My siblings and I rarely heard from anybody in that branch of the family (that I can remember).

So this bag of letters – somehow it came into my possession after my father died (my mother died before him), and we were clearing out the house. I learned that one of my mom’s sisters had attempted to contact my mom before she died, to try to patch things up a little - but she was too late.

This red gym bag full of letters – I haven’t read anything in there – but I’m sure that it chronicles this whole history. I’m not sure when I’ll get up the courage to open up these letters and read them – or if I even should. It’s none of my business, right?


Anonymous said...

i would think that the reason they kept all those letters was that so some day someone could read them. if they wanted noone to read them, wouldn't they throw them out?

meg said...

history is the business of whomever is holding it.

and like you said. poem gotta start somewhere.

Karen P said...

Written words are kept and published for one of two reasons: ONE - to follow in the smart and knowledgable footsteps
TWO - to avoid repeating the same stupid family division that comes with changes during life and death
BOTH - Are always to be remembered

Miss K said...

you should read them... there is a reason why they were kept and passed to you...

Anonymous said...

Not that you asked, but I would've started reading them, like, yesterday. It might be hard at first, but you'll feel better after the crying and uncertainty.

Still checking out your shit, homeboy.

City Chicken