When daily routine starts to plow over my whole consciousness, and repetition - day to day drudgery - starts to push away all thoughts and observations of anything new or interesting, and I'm just caught in this infinite loop of images that I see during my routine - - like when working long hours, you finally get away from your desk, but you're still seeing that computer screen that you looked at all day - that computer application you worked out off all day . . . recurrent images appear - like when I blink, that image is there, and when I sleep it's there, and when I'm awake with my brain idling - the image is there. Lately the recurrent images are of the pavement that I see when I swing my legs out of the car and walk into where ever it is I am going. Lately at work, there are tons of smashed acorns all over the parking lot. Before that, it was smashed little baby frogs - seriously. Little frogs just don't know how to get out of the way of my coworkers. Around my apartment, it's always smashed little crayons or smashed candy - M&M's or jelly beans, or spilled drinks - cool-aid or chocolate milk from the little kid that lives next door. I need to start picking my head up a little more I guess.


Miss K said...

i hate when things like this get in your head and you cant stop thinking them or seeing them no matter how hard you try!

Cindy-Lou said...

Sometimes I see images of the dominoes computer game I play. I think I cheat, too.