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It's not that I'm lazy, it's not that I'm waiting around to die, I'm just not that into making all that money - the folks at work, the spouses of the folks at work, their kids - the other side of the family - - they are the money makingest mover shakingest consumers in the land, but they never make or take enough. Me, I'm not saying I occupy some perfect peaceful contented place, but I'm just not motivated (not less not more) the same as the people I see around me - - or maybe I just don't understand the people around me - they seem to just talk about products - the products they want to buy or that they already own or the products they owned in the past: this car this purse this shoe this TV this computer this jogging suit this saw this lotion this curtain - - but if I was so superior - which I know I'm not superior -- sometimes you want to think you're at least different, maybe better at certain things, not others - but if I was trying to say that I was worth it, worthy, worth something - worth it not to just scoff at dismiss - but - I mean - I'm who I am, but why haven't I found IT - IT - it that I'm saying I should be all about - why am I not happy - like happy more - do I even want to be happy - why no friends - why yelling fuck in traffic - why wannabe - why not be - I'm not an academic, I'm not nothing I see around me, I should define myself, I should set goals, or no, maybe I should just loosely define a routine and stick to it - try not to get in trouble - 'decorate' a wall not and then.

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Pacian said...

Do what you're comfortable with, then die. What's wrong with that?