Driving around, running errands on Saturdays, sometimes I'll see a person walking beside the road. I'll run my errands, and then I'll go home. Hours later, I'll go out again and run more errands, and I will see that same person walking. He'll be in a different place from where I'd first seen him, of course, but I'll think, wow, that guy's been walking all day, and he's only gotten from there to there? Then I'll calculate the distance in my head along with his apparent walking speed... did he maybe stop for lunch or a drink... and then I'll realize, yep, that's about how far you'd get. I have actually been that guy - that walking guy. Without a car. Walking really really far.

* * *

I remember a day, a Christmas day, when I was driving across town to my sister's place for dinner. It was snowing out and very windy. I drove onto this bridge, and halfway across, I saw an elderly woman bundled up, walking across the bridge in the wind and the snow. She looked pretty frail, and she was hunched over, and I wasn't really sure how far she was going to make it in that weather. I turned around - but before I could get to her, two or three other cars had already turned around to offer her a ride, and she had her pick of drivers to ride with.


Miss K said...

awww, how nice. great ending!

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nice to read this!