The more I work in administrative jobs, the more I realize that it is the perfect type of work for me. I don't have the attention to detail - or the stamina or discipline to maintain the attention to detail required for something like accounting or tech. I space out at work. I can work really fast! Believe me. But I do space out. Way way out. The operations of the whole organization won't slam into a wall over some little slip up on my part. Administrative duties can be varied - so it keeps my attention - in that I have to be aware of some new curve or hump - some new flow of work or new task or new little project. Respond to this email. Track this issue. Enter this data. Approve or deny all these forms. Move these files around. Check or uncheck these boxes in this computer application thingy. Answer the phone. Ignore the phone. Talk to some person - like a live person - standin there. Talk to it. Whatever. So . . . until I get my job as a _____, what, an action adventure hero correspondent world traveling sucka assassinatah astronaughtic under water super aquatic lounge singing professional footballin space alien administrative gig will have to do - the money ain't there, but hey, I only worry about money when I ain't got none.


Pernicious said...

And that my friend was an awesome rant.

Miss K said...

agreed. awesome indeed. and this reminds me, shouldnt i be worried about money???