What if I sat down on the sidewalk and refused to get up until I was dragged away? How would that go? How long would it take for the cops or somebody to come and pick me up and drag me into a police car or an ambulance...take me to jail or the hospital... I would just sit there and not say a thing. Not even make eye contact with people trying to help me. Would I freeze to death out there? Die of thirst? I guess I'd pass out if I didn't have enough water. Two days at the most? Or would somebody bring me some water, but not take me least - not immediately... "While we arrange for his 'living quarters,' let's make sure he doesn't die out there on the sidewalk. Give him a blanket."

I post this video in the spirit of Christmas. It's a tribute to Kraftwerk done by Senor Coconut - which is like taking weird and multiplying it by weird. This reminds me of Coleman's Nursery at Christmas time (A Portsmouth, Virginia thing, Dog. But I guess every town has something like it). Coleman's Nursery would set up robotic Christmas figures in snowy, festive scenes: elves would hammer away at toys, and there were bucking reindeer, if I remember correctly, and a gyrating Santa and Mrs. Clause. . . just like . . . motorized, three-or-four-foot-tall dolls, badly in need of lubrication, moving around and stuff, sayin "Ho ho ho," squeek, gear grind, spark, buzz, hydraulic sound etc and so on...and they charged admission and little kids found it delightful and terrific and the nursery also sold plants, of course, year around, and mulch and fertilizer and so on. That place was great until it damn near burned completely to the ground - even though it was right next door to the Portsmouth Fire Department - NO JOKE.


Anne said...

Oh yes! We had one of those, too, but I totally forgot about it. Thanks for reminding me, man!

Rurality said...

I like the song but that video is really creeping me out!