Animal Collective - Leaf House

I just want to post videos all day.

Broken Social Scene - Cause = Time

I just want to post videos all day.


1. What would your cat do about it if a bear broke down your front door?
2. New employees are nice to me until they realize how low on the org chart I am here. Then they ignore me. Then I start mumbling shit.
3. The other night I was driving through this remote area, a wildlife refuge. You never see anybody walking out there, but suddenly I saw a guy walking next to the road. My headlights hit him weird through the fog - he appeared to be glowing. “Wow, a ghost,” I mumbled. I rounded this bend in the road, and there were ambulances and fire engines and cops and twisted up cars next to the road.
4. I went to the Fountain of Youth in St. Augustine, Florida. The water does not gush out of the ground anymore. The water table is too low. The water has to be pumped out. It tastes horrible. It’s probably got lead or radon or argon or nitrates whatever in it. It will probably decrease my lifespan.


3 am, banging on the psychic's door


I dread grocery shopping. People bump you, they block you, and they ram you with their carts. I was in the grocery store today, and I started to wonder: Is it possible to decide to be happy... and then - just be happy - in the grocery store... I heard a couple of goofy ladies a couple of aisles over laughing their butts off about something. I saw a worker stocking shelves, she was singing along with the song on the store’s stereo system. The grocery store’s stereo system is the one thing that actually can cheer me up at the grocery store. More and more often I will catch a song playing in the store that I actually like. Are grocery stores playing better music? Or am I just getting old? Or are my musical tastes far too broad? Can’t I just be happy? Even at the grocery store? Can I be happy and still pull of my writer wannabe angst? Here’s a question: Can I avoid getting in a fight in the grocery store... or whatever public place? How often do you actually see fights in public places? When was the last fight you saw in public? People don’t get in fights in public - usually, mostly... I don't know - you see on the news when a fight really escalates - somebody pulls a gun and they make the evening news. The last serious fight I saw was at a Greyhound Station in DC... about four years ago. These two big dudes duked it out and ended up wrestling on the floor - trapping some poor bystander underneath them. The security guard came along with one of those retractable night stick things and beat one guy on the leg until he let go of the other guy, and then the cops came. Then those two dummies went to DC jail.