Every time I feel a negative emotion lately: anger, sadness, embarrassment, whatever - I feel some area of my guts burning, or I get a serious head ache. I feel some kind of chemical squirting into my guts from some duct somewhere, and it gives me this stinging tingle feeling. Or my spinal column buzzes. Or I get a feeling like a balloon suddenly deflating in the center of my chest. There is nothing that I face in my work day that should be causing this kind of stress, these kinds of feelings. My life isn't really that stressful.

Maybe I'm supposed to be in a more stressful situation, not my cozy little cubicle comfort zone. Maybe I'm geared for something a little more...trying. I should find a setting that matches my temperament. I've been reading in the Occupational Outlook Handbook about social work. A lady at work use to do social work. She majored in sociology, and then she became a social worker. But now, she's like screw that, and she works in the finance department of the organization where I work. I think I'll ask her more about social work.

# # #

This morning we stepped outside, and a hot air balloon was floating by. I waved. A good start to a Saturday. It's going to be nice today, I heard.


Rurality said...

Hmm sometimes I read things on bloglines and then I come over here and they're gone... but dang they were pretty good writing.

Anyway I hope you don't get an ulcer. Don't go into social work if you don't want stress... I understand that it is one of the most stressful jobs you can have.

I can report that making soap is not nearly as stressful as working in a big office. But it doesn't pay nearly as much either. :)

Bobby said...

Hey, that guy in the movie Fight Club made soap.