Today I saw Billy Collins read at Valencia Community College's Kerouac Festival. I bought his book, and after his reading, I got in line so he could sign it. As I got closer to the table for my turn with him, I started to get nervous, really nervous for some reason. What am I going to say to this guy? He was the Poet freakin Laureate for Christ's sake. So when I got up to the table, I just said, "Bobby."

I don't know whether he even asked for my name. He opened the copy of the book I bought and turned to the page he would sign, and he started to sign. He said how do you do or something as he was writing, and then he started to say something else, and I blurted out, "Can you write something sexy in there? Ha ha." And then he started to say something else, but before he could finish that I asked, "What's next? Disney?" I live near Orlando, see, the reading took place just outside Orlando, or maybe that is Orlando out there.

He started to say one last thing, and I cut him off yet again and said "Well I heard that! Thanks man." And I grabbed the book he'd signed and walked away.

# # #

In other developments, you absolutely have to watch the documentary called PROTAGONIST. It will change things for you.


Billy said...

yea. the poet meets the poet.

~The Mighty Kat~ said...

You're awesome, man. I just love this.

Reminds me of when Reed and I drove away from the gas station with the pump hanging from the car, and when we got our friends' house and told them about it, they said, "I can't believe you tell people about this kind of thing."

Because it's FUNNY!