I was following links around in WIKIPEDIA, and I found this list of performance artists. Then I started searching the names of some these performance artists at You Tube and found quite a lot of amazingly creative stuff. The following video is a mixed-media installation called Bang-Bang Room. It is by Paul McCarthy.

Another video at You Tube by Paul McCarthy is called called WGG Test. If you watch it, you are one brave soul.

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In other news, I have been writing on scraps of paper and stuffing the paper into my pocket all week (as usual). Here's what is written on the paper:

1) I experience each design flaw

2) Sudhir Venkatesh

3) I was in a fight with my girl, and I was driving around looking for a motel. I pulled into the parking lot of a poorly lit pink motel. I swung my legs out of the car, and the first thing I saw laying there was somebody's piss bag...laying there on the actual piss bag - a clear, plastic bag with a hose and a plug/connector thingy - laying on the asphalt. Somehow it was worse than seeing a used condom (but really, it was just as bad). It wasn't completely empty either(edit: really there's no comparison - It saddens me to imagine a handicapped person, frustrated with life and circumstances, says fuck it and yanks the damned thing out and drops it right there and speeds off - it's terrible that I've even mentioned it--sorry). Rooms at this motel cost $85. I drove on.

4) ethnography


6) The way that I perceived my dad - his clothes, his after shave, his golf clubs, his cars, his shoes, the change on his dresser, his mints, his pocket comb - the way that I viewed all of that stuff as a kid...nobody will ever look at my stuff like that. Not as a son or as a daughter. Nobody will ever look at my car and think, that is the perfect car. It's daddy's. Or, that is the perfect sweater because it is my dad's. That is the ideal golf club, it belongs to my dad. Nobody will think that or say that about my stuff.

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And in closing, I have been tapped to write a six word memoir by PoisOn CoAtEd ELiXir or Seraphic Girl

Here it is:

Long walk day dream word count.

You should write a six word memoir too!


PoisOn CoAtEd ELiXir said...

sudhir venkatesh?

And you can get fired. it is a possibility.

and nice(i mean the memoir)!

jenny said...

#6 killed me a little, partly because I've often had the same thought about my life. Well, not the dad part, but you know.

Les said...

Dude, I do nearly all my writing on folded scraps of paper that I carry around with me. In my work jacket there is a wad of folded foolscap about half an inch thick - which includes portions of chapter seven to an unfinished novel, many pages like the one you just posted and probably half a dozen unfinished blog posts. With the exception of the chapter draft, I rarely go back and re-read these pages. They get tossed into a drawer stuffed full of such things.

Six word memoir:

I was too tired to die.

Bobby said...

Seraphic Girl: Yeah, he's that sociologist who studied life in the projects in Chicago. He actually lived there. This gang leader befriended him and really showed him the inside. He also contributed to the crazy famous book called Freakonomics. He's kind of my new hero.

Jenny: Maybe some day this will be wrong for us and we'll end up right in the end. I'm not sure what I mean by that, but I meant to be hopeful.

Les: You gotta go back through that stuff man! Take it out and type it up. Work it. You know what though - I went to that Billy Collins reading recently, and there was a Q and A after his reading, and somebody asked him for advice - or they asked how he'd matured as a poet, like what kind of wisdom had he picked up or whatever. And Collins said that he's learned to be able to sense it when he's made a false start...on a poem. I don't know if that's right or not. Maybe some might say that you can take anything as a starting point and work it into something. I don't know.