It’s time for a normal post because lately I’m just too dramatic and whacked out - I’m always too dramatic and whacked out - so here goes: Um...what do I do?

I work for a professional association. There is a particular type of certification out there - if you want this type of certification, you have to take our exams and go to our seminars and conferences. I ride a cubicle. I scan documents in and I approve them and index them. That’s it. I am an administrator. I push paper. I make frequent errors and apologize rarely.

It’s really slow right now, so I take frequent breaks outside. I hang out with the smokers. I used to smoke. I actually miss it. I smoked ten years and quit. I quit in 2001. I miss those breaks outside the various buildings I’ve worked in and the chatting and all the smokin buddies. I think the smokers where I work now are suspicious of me, they look at me...hanging out next to them...maybe eating an apple...or asking them questions...or just generally being a pest...refusing to court lung cancer, flipping off fate and all that. Ha. Nah. One of the smokers pointed out that each of the smokers in the organization seems to have a nonsmoking friend - a sidekick who sometimes comes outside with them to hang out and fool around and look cool or whatever.

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Man. I wish I was back in DC.


PoisOn CoAtEd ELiXir said...

i think he was right ;D

The Mighty Kat said...

Smoking was some excellent socializing. I remember that, too. I don't understand why it's so unthinkable to go stand in a shielded spot outside for about five minutes. But I don't feel ready to buck it.

M said...

i totally get that!

honestly, some of the coolest people i know are the smokers.
i only smoke occasionally and it has been 2 years since i smoked at all.

i am nerd when i smoke. i have sister who refuses to lend me cigs because she says it is a waste of a good cigarette because i don't really inhale. i remember i was outside work on a windy day and i caught my hair on fire. i was trying to light the cigarette and lit my hair instead.

M said...

PS...smoking really is unhealthy! So congratulations on quitting (-:

Cindy-Lou said...

Kind of like hanging out with the stoners at lunch?

Pacian said...

I hung out with some smokers once. But there wasn't really anyone else.

Pernicious said...


Smokers do take lots of breaks. No reason why you shouldn't as well.

Cupcake Man said...

I've been following you for 3.5 years, and this is first time you let it slip....To me, skullbolt is what you do. Quite well, I might add.