There's so much happening in the world. It seems like all I can do is watch and listen from my stupid little cubicle.

Somebody asked me how old I was the other day. I told them, 37. And then I fell into this trance or intense inner session of calculation or a construction of the timeline that led from my high school graduation through my twenties and now almost through my thirties. Finally somebody snapped their fingers or something to bring me back to the conversation. Where did you go?

Yeah. Where did I go?

I've been submitting poems to journals lately. And I'm hearing back too. Rejected. But, whatever.

Hopefully something will shake loose when I start school at UCF this summer. Maybe I can get something published in the journal at UCF, The Florida Review. Maybe I'll just wander the country enrolling in classes at various schools. I'll just keep taking classes there and submitting stuff to their journal until they accept a piece. Then I'll move on to the next college, the next journal.

I'm taking a creative nonfiction class at UCF - if I can get in before the class fills up. I'd like to take some kind of writing class there - - or literature or sociology or . . . there I go . . . that's how I got here - 37 and aimless . . . being such a scatter brain.

Anyway they don't even want me to set foot on campus until I get all my shots! They had a crazy bacterial meningitis scare over there at UCF (maybe I should do the UCF online classes - from the bacteria-free safety of my home). I have to provide proof of vaccinations before they'll even let me do an orientation there.

I should just show up, and right before I walk in the registrar, I'll take a bunch of whip cream and smear it all around my face and start flailing around spazzing and shit. That shit would be funny. Great first impression.


meg said...

remember that blog hyperstation, i think it was called?

back way back in 2004/2005? and the dude who wrote it was pretty much an awesome genius? and made a few blogs after it as well as before it?

any idea where he went? i suddenly had a hankering for his brains.

Bobby said...

Stacey or Tracey was his name. It was a guy with what's usually a girl name. He names his blogs after Sonic Youth albums sometimes. Hyperstation was the last one I knew of.

Yeah, that guy is cool. Great photos.

Les said...

37 and aimless. I know that feeling all too well.

Meg, Stacey Graham is his name ... he closes up his blogs every six months or so and starts over. His last was if you wish to poke around his archives but he's currently hiding out at
The guy rocks balls out.

Hey great to see that you're sending out your work Bobby. I wish you the best of luck and keep it up.

PoisOn CoAtEd ELiXir said...

while in your twenties, did you ever feel that you were listless to the extent of not making it to your thirties?

welcome to my world...

Pacian said...

For bonus points, if you have to fill in any kind of list of interests, put down 'Consuming exotic bushmeat.'

Bobby said...

37 aimless and blameless.

My twenties went by so fast - the listing is all I do remember. Lots of long car rides to nowhere. Too much thinkin.

Exotic clown meat, even.

lluviation said...

so, i was told your thirties is really when you achieve being in your element. is this not true? (sorry i am relying on you for all knowledge of the 30s, but you are a better expert as you live there right now, and I don't even get to visit).

Les said...

lluvation, thirty was a damn fine year - like turning eighteen again only better - but then again, I wasn't tied down with kids and a mortgage ...

Bobby said...

I'm going to write a full post about this, because it's really got me thinking!