A Four Item List:

1. I run on a treadmill a lot lately. When I run for real, I get dizzy or disoriented, my head swims. I'm not used to being in motion when I do the act of running.

2. I've had the same dream a few times lately. There's a soccer game coming up, and I'm running late. I can't find my cleats or shorts or something. I miss the game. I can't play. I wake up disappointed. (I'm not even in a league or anything - - and the players are players from my childhood or different pick-up games I've been in over the years)

3. I'm thinking about graffiti hidden in plain sight... like where you figure out what the font is on an existing 'establishment' sign, and then you duplicate the font and make a sticker to put over the sign - with your own message. Or finding stains or smudges in your surroundings that almost look like a face or whatever - in carpets, or on walls or on this or that - and then finding a paint or something that matches the color of the stain and then completing different images in there.

4. At night, I'm just another set of headlights.

# # # # #

In unrelated news, this is Yellowman at Reggae Sunsplash 1982. I saw him at Sunsplash in nineteen ninety-somethin in Norfolk, VA.

Also, this is Eek A Mouse...saw him a few times.


lluviation said...

1. running on a treadmill is easier for me as when i'm sick of it i can just get off and do something else. when i'm running outside and i get sick of it, i still need to get home.

2. analyzing dreams is fun. its easier when i know the person and what is going on in their life. i think analyzing any dream "cold" is worthless. i wish i knew you better because then i could understand your dream more.

3. how do you make stickers? ever since i got this little book on poster art (i know it is different) i have been interested in doing something like that. is 29 too old to start doing graffiti?? what about skateboarding??

4. you are just another set of headlights, but i have a nice story. my friend was driving home one day and some car cut her off and made a quick turn. as the driver was turning in front of her she could see it was her teenage son. but to him she was just another set of headlights.

5. (i added this) my name is sonya. i get weirded out when people refer to me as "lluviation"

Les said...

Hey Bobby, congrats on the wedding biz. I like the fact that you got the g-cast back up. Always enjoyed those. (Even though you didn't at the time.) It's great to hear the real voice behind the voice ... if you know what I mean.

I've started a re-educate myself. I'm teaching myself to code ( using open source processing
at the moment) with the end goal being animated short films or some such thing. It's not as difficult as you might think (ie the learning code thing) ... I'm totally amazed at the progress that I've been making. It's got me totally pumped, got the passions burning again, you know? Gnarly stuff.

lluviation said...

ohhhh i like the pod cast. but it is harder to comment. i think one thing that you mentioned with tibet...i think tibet generates a lot of tourism money, thus why they feel the need to control it more. i mean, of course protesting doesn't really help though....why do you work with only women?

Bobby said...

Man! I typed a huge comment in here last night and now it's gone. That sucks.

Bobby said...

I'm bummed because I typed a huge comment in here last night...but I used the standard avery mailing labels to make stickers - I also use those avery laminating sheets. Those work well to make the sticker sturdier. I'm 37 and I still slap up stickers now and then. I don't know - skatin - I skated when I was a kid, and then I picked it back up in college- like when I was in my twenties. Nowadays they have those gigantic longboards they ride on. Everybody has those at UCF - a lot of the ladies ride them at UCF. They look fun and pretty easy to ride. I bet they're expensive though. If you fall, don't stick your hand out! You'll break your wrist! Just curl up and land on your side and roll when you land. it'll hurt and bruise, but it's not as bad as breakin a wrist. Don't smack your head when you land! Sonia. Don't smacka da head, Sonia.

Les I emailed ya hollerings and ravings.

Les said...

Hey Bobby, received your words and responded but keep getting failure to send messages returned to my inbox ... was wondering if you got my words?

Bobby said...

Sorry about that man. I'm not sure what's going on there. Hit me up at

Les said...

The video I attached to my message is probably too large for your inbox. I'll drop it and resend.

The Mighty Kat said...

Hail to Yellowman!!