I was leaving the YMCA, and I saw a little kid and his mom walking into the neighborhood across the street. The little kid had just finished his karate class at the Y, he had his karate suit on - his gi. The mother was holding the kid's hand as they walked...or...the kid was holding his mom's hand. He seemed to lead the way. I can guess what the kid was thinking. He's fresh out of karate class - even though he's only five years old - he's ready to defend his mom against any attacker - using round house kicks, jabs and flying sidekicks if necessary.

I remember how I used to think when I came out of karate class, when I was five or six years old. I felt cocky. I remember in kindergarden actually saying the following to another kid in my class, "I could beat up a grown-up if I had to."

"Me too," said the other kid.


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billy said...

my nephew in atlanta is a karate freak. i remember one time he broke another boys tooth with a kick man. damn and he was only 4.

PoisOn CoAtEd ELiXir said...

My parents never allowed me to take one of those-not that i ever wanted to (in any case)! Standing at a spot and listening to instructions that someone might throw at me-was never really my cup of tea. to add to this i was already trouble enough for my folks; except for that one time when i saved one of my friends from a kidnapper when i was about6. but then, in that case too i really didn't need to use my limbs. all i did was scream as loudly as to collect the whole neighborhood ;)
but then again, i think the whole karate class business was set up in order to make u feel that u can, cause in dire times its not always the tricks that you learned in class which come to your mind.

P.S: I have been wandering in the dark.
Intermittently i wrote a short story-

Bobby said...

My nephew - god save us all if he learned Karate. He'd go Bruce Lee on gangs and gangs.

P.C.E. I was wondering where you were.

Remiman said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.
Karate, yup all three of my kids took it and as yet they haven't beaten anybody up. ;)