RANT: When All The Newspapers Fold

Where will we get our news when the newspapers go out of business? You hear story after story about layoffs and buy-outs at newspapers. I can understand why paper newspapers are taking a hit - I read all of my news online (while I’m supposed to be working.) I haven’t bought a newspaper in a long time.

So is it all going online? When you go to a newspaper online, you see these gigantic, screen-obscuring advertisements that move around, and you try to chase after the ‘X’ in the corner of the ad to close that beast out. It’s ridiculous.

What is media going to look like after all of these bankruptcies happen, and all of the buy-outs and buy-ups by huge media conglomerates...and...also with the internet neutrality issue (another scary scary thing)...what will they allow us to see on our screens?

And TV news? I gave up on TV. Almost completely. The only time I watch TV is when I'm on the treadmill at the YMCA. And when TV tries to hit me with the commercials, I unplug my ears from TV and plug them in to my iPod - no shit - while I'm running, I'm fumbling with the goddam wires, trying to get my earbuds unplugged and re-plugged at each commercial break. I won't be sold to. Sorry. TV...Cable TV... Why am I going to pay so that they can bombard me with commercials? No way I'd pay for cable TV.

So how will I find out what's going on? I guess I'll just sit in a dark room with the radio on.


lluviation said...

so radio free europe.

listening to the radio for the news is always a little terrifying to me. like it is someone on the phone, just telling me the makes it seem so much more real than what i see on television.

dmarks said...

msn's or yahoo's few headlines. Drudge.
And the radio. That's my main source.

Bobby said...

I do miss TV news. I can't even get regular TV out here in the sticks where I live. So it's cable or nothing. Sucks.

I read Yahoo news a lot. And Google now too. NPR two hours a day - to and from work.