My morbidly curious side wonders how bad this economic meltdown could get. I mostly doubt that it will cause much of a disturbance in my life, but you just wonder: how bad could it get. Will the atm machines just stop spitting out money? Will unemployment go up to 25 percent like it did during the depression? Could it get worse? Will there be major interruptions in utilities? Commerce? I was wondering what the best items would be to use for units of commerce in the barter system that inevitably will emerge. What will we trade? Cigarette lighters would be good. Or building materials: nails, boards, bricks -nah- too bulky. Food items, of course...nonperishable. Batteries. Or could we trade our labor? People who can cut hair will cut hair. People who can build - they’ll build for you (for a fee). What could I offer? Maybe gangs will form...not necessarily malicious gangs - but folks who know each other and look out for each other. Where will we all live? Will we all become squatters? They won’t be able to monitor and patrol all the empty houses and units and warehouses and facilities...etc...we’ll all be squatters.


daily intake said...

for the first time in my life, the other day, i took out a supply of cash to keep under the mattress "just in case". pretty shitty feeling.

The Mighty Kat said...

a nearby sheriff dept. recently announced they will no longer enforce evictions of families from their homes because of failed mortgage payments.

Radiohumper said...

Reading this just after reading the entry about your marriage makes me want to give the world a big hug around the shoulders. It's like that link you Twittered with the NZ vs. Ireland soccer teams. You want to go on hating men for what they've done, and then they do something like that soccer dance. You want to give up on social norms and then a friend blogs about the bailout and gets married the next weekend.

My great-grandparents got married on Pearl Harbor Day. They are still together. :)

Good luck to you both.

Bobby said...

daily intake: I've been thinking about doing that too. I've been thinking about buying up and burying big caches of food - like out in the forest or somethin. Drawing maps. Making 'x's' ...I've been wondering, if it gets really really bad- what- will we get ration cards or something like that?

Kat: I saw a news story like that in Illinois. Did you see the video online about foreclosure alley? Crazy. It looked like people ate one last dinner, packed one suitcase and left everthing else. I mean: they left computers, family'd make ya cry. Google: Foreclosure Alley video

Radiohumper: Men still got too much of the savage beast in em...the obsolete 'caveman vs. sabertooth tiger' response and the 'my tribe vs. your tribe' thing. That competitive/killer instinct thing - I don't know if we can keep that around - even for nostalgia's sake or sportsmans' sake - - or if we do, we really gotta position it in the right perspective and context and priority. We can't forget our history or we'll repeat it - but there're are definitely some entries and some tendencies that have to go in the 'this is wrong' column.

I'm generally hopeful. We're evolving and contributing and loving and learning. They'll be some bumps in the road. But at least we haven't nuked each other off the planet, us human beins.

Tragedy pushes you in closer to your boo. No doubt. Here's to your great-grandparents.

Thanks girl.

Wow, talk about writing prompts.