Florida, an Uncool Part of It

So Florida went to Obama. I voted for the winner! Too bad my particular county didn’t go to Obama. Lake County Florida went to McCain, unofficially, with 82,000 votes, according to our paper, the Daily Commercial. 62,0000 votes went to Obama.

So I don’t live in a cool part of Florida.

I got to Florida in May of 2006. I had always wanted to try out Florida. My parents lived here before I was born, so I had heard all about it. Keri was offered a job down here, and I was interested in living here - so we made the move...I can do my particular type of work anywhere (cubicle dweller/clerical/paper shuffler/data processor/net surfer/pipe dream dreamer/writer wannabe).

I was interested in Florida for dopey, Micky Mouse reasons. I had the picture postcard impression of Florida...which does exist...but there's a lot more to Florida (meaning less). I don't know. You have some big metro areas and a bunch of backwaters in between - just like any state, I guess.

I haven't really connected with a lot of people here where I live. I drive pretty far away into work - into the Orlando metro area. When I stop to get gas in the morning around the corner, there aren't a lot of people like me standing at the pumps: Khakis and polo shirt; nine-year-old four-door sedan; office worker slouch; NPR's Morning Edition audible through my pickup trucks. All kinds of labor and skilled labor: electricians, landscapers, masons, welders, general construction, framers, roofers, sheet rockers, etc... I'm not in my element.

There are a couple of idiots with rebel flags on their trucks near where I live. I actually see this more often than one might expect out here in Lake County Florida. It's a hate symbol, plain and simple. All those morons who say it's heritage not hate - forget that, Homie. It's cool though: Somebody spray painted 'I love you' right on the driver side window of one of those rebel flagged trucks. HA! Welcome to the 21st century.


foam said...

i was actually born in florida.
but only lived there the 1st 5 years of my life.
nc went blue after many decades, but my county didn't...
it's a lot like your county it seems ..
we have our share of rebel flags..
i feel the same way you do about it.

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

My folks are snowbirds and drive down there for the winter.. They will live there in their condo (no trailer life for them) for six months and then come back when the weather changes or the threat of a hurricane arrives.. Either way it is pretty good living down south even amongst those rednecks..

laura b. said...

I think Florida probably has quite a few things in common with California, which is where I've lived almost all my life.

Tara said...

It's okay, the southern part of Ohio messed the rest of the state up by voting for Bush instead of Kerry that last time. Jon Stewart from the Daily Show even did a sarcastic shout-out to Ohio and said, "Oh and Ohio...Thanks a lot."

So glad we all worked together on it this time.

Annie said...

You two might enjoy Nor Cal...just a thought. :)

Bobby said...

Foam, I have a sister and a niece in NC. I heard that the population there is growing like crazy. I know that everybody in Florida seems to want to go there. Everybody in Virginia wanted to go there too...I'm from Virginia (which went blue for the first time in a long time)

Mrs. Hairy Woman, we love our snowbirds. They do the economy right. That's gonna be the way I do it when I retire. Florida in the winter and somewhere north in the summer.

Laura B, we both have Disney! We both have an Orange County...but our Orange County is not quite as chic as yours. We both have lots of coast. And as your governor, Arnold Schwhatsinburger said, the California governor and the Florida governor are both men who wouldn't hesitate to rip their shirts off out on the beach.

Tara, when Ohio went to Obama this time, I knew it was decided. So Ohio goes, so goes the nation, right?

Annie, I think I'd love it there! As a matter of fact, I know I would.

Michelle's Spell said...

Very well written. Felt a lot like reading Raymond Carver!

I was so happy North Carolina went to Obama, too, even if there are still racist Jesse Helms pockets at a nearly 1:1 rate there. But close only counts in horseshoes!

Bobby said...

Thanks Michelle. Congrats on getting the candidate you wanted. North Carolina is changing and progressing, from all I've heard, and it's actually a pretty desirable place to move - a lot of people I know in Florida and a lot of people I knew in Virginia wanted to go there.

NoRegrets said...

I've been to Orlando I think it was for a conference. Oh, it seemed so barren. Of interesting things. But I guess rebel trucks w/ I love you on them are interesting. Sorry I missed that one!

Bobby said...

Yeah, Orlando has some good and some bad. It's growing here and there - hopefully some culture will grow. There is a decent poetry reading here and there. There's a pretty good botanical gardens. A little light on the museums unfortunately.